Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Explode my Heart with Love

Dearest Future Baby(ies);

You aren't physically concieved just yet,
but I've been concieving the thought of you a lot lately,
and I think I'm ready to say
quite loudly,
that your future mama & daddy are trying for you.
And I hope all our trying pays off eventually.

Oh how I love to think of you
and who you'll look like,
and act like, and what you'll love,
and your favorite color.
In my mind, you are a tiny little blonde,
with my eyes and my sense of adventure,
and your daddy's brain,
which can only be swayyed
when his heart is
with love
(which is a great reason to not think with your brain,
but with your heart).

The kind of life and love we want to share with you
is terrifyingly and exhaustingly lovely.
I want to be your best friend and your mama.
He wants to be your greatest teacher and your daddy.

We want you in our lives, so please,
don't break my heart, unless it's with an
of love.



  1. What an absolutely lovely blog you have.

  2. oh! im so excited for you guys!! little babies are so fun, cept i dunno really know about having them. but ill pray for you guys. im not really sure what else one is supposed to say to another when they are trying to have a baby haha. so... good luck?

  3. Aleks: Thanks for your well wishes, and for praying for us. It's only been about two weeks, so we're not too far into the whole ordeal, but we're taking it one day at a time. Thanks so much.