Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Love & Marriage - 3 Months

Tomorrow, we will be married for three months, and to be honest,
some days I don't tell my husband how much I appreciate him.
I don't thank him for everything he does for our life together.
There are things about him I treat as flaws,
that are really just different from my self,
and don't hurt one bit, but that
 I make too big a deal out of.

But as a whole, and when it comes down to it, to what really matters,
and what I need/want/have, I am in love with my husband.
I love our little family - just us and the kitty cat.
I love our attempts to cook now that we're "independent",
and that he eats anything I make, even when it's
I love impromptu dates we go on,
because spontaneity is a tough thing for me,
since I'm such a PLANNER.
I love nights in (which are abundant since we're homebodies!)
where we just sit on the couch and watch episodes of our favorite shows.

Our life can be tough and dull sometimes, and way less bizarre
than I imagined my life at 21, but
it's better in so many ways, and I'm thankful for that.

I'm thankful for my husband,
and his love for me.
And I hope he feels how much I love him, every day.

1 comment:

  1. aww.
    this post makes my heart melt
    i know exactly what you mean about loving your husband, but not always showing it.
    this is a great post.
    im sure your husband will be so happy when he reads this.
    *also note*
    i love your pinecone bouquet. you should post photos sometime, unless you have and i just havent seen them yet.