Saturday, March 3, 2012

Minneapolis Tomorrow!

[made by: redblackbrown]

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness! 

In 26 hours, the husband and I will be landing in Corporate Target Land (aka the lovely state known as Minnesota) for our belated honeymoon and to visit our potential home. 

When I say potential home, I certainly don't mean that we have jobs there, or a place to live picked out, or have even ever visited. When I say potential home, I don't mean that it's more likely we'll be living in Minnesota in a year than Michigan. 

What I mean when I say potential home is that my husband really wants to work at Target Corporate (which we're touring Tuesday) when he graduates from university this May. What I mean when I say potential home is that I really want to live in another state. And from what I've heard, Minnesota sounds absolutely amazing!

I've lived in Michigan all my life and have dreamed, and dreamed, and dreamed about moving out of state. In my dreams, we definitely moved to a warm state, but I'm willing to give up the super warm weather all year round for Minnesota! 

What could be better than an infinite amount of public transportation (selling our car and walking everywhere could be so fantastic!) Not to mention, Minneapolis is home to the bestest best Target in all the land!

Plus, I mean, Maggie of Gussy Sews lives there (in Minneapolis, not in the Target...) Awkward, but I daydream about our puppies Bauer & Lily having playdates! Maybe someday I'll get to meet Maggie. She's one of my idols (and such a sweetheart, every time I interact with her).

Le anyhoodle, I'll let you all know how much I fall in love with Minneapolis when we get back. I promise.


  1. EEEEp...well I better get to hanging out with you very much because I know you will succeed in your dreams with le Hubs! :) So awesome. I hope you have the best time. I just got back from Vegas last night! I can't wait to go see Hunger Games with you!!!!! Have a blast and take pictures! Hearts, Janna Lynn

    1. Heck yeah we have to hang out soon! And Hunger Games is going to be awesome <3