Monday, February 27, 2012

Ugly Feet + Sad Face

Not to be a total sourpuss, but I officially hate awkward / heavy boxes. 
Not to be dramatic, but they ruin my life, 
every. single. time. I come into contact with one at work.

I decided out of the blue to pick up a shift today
(really, we're taking a week off of work next week, 
so the finances wouldn't be looking so hot if I hadn't)

and due to me already being a little grumpy about working
(I had to be in at 4am - yuck!) 

a box smooshing my foot didn't help. 

Here's the damage: 
Bruises. Ouchie!

And here's what my face has looked like off-and-on all day. 

It still hurtssss,
but alas, I will muscle through,
because really, I'm just glad my toes weren't broken 
or taken off by the evilest of all boxes.

In other news, I think after I clean up my little home,
I want to take a bajillion pictures of it and show you! 
I always love seeing the inside of others' homes.
Everyone lives so DIFFERENTLY - it's fascinating.
(If you have a home tour on your blog, link it below!)


  1. Look forward to your tour! Ohhh...ouchie, sorry about your foot. I hate foot bruises they take forever to heal, and every time you step you feel it. Bummer. Feel better! I appreciate you stocking those great things at Target...I'm obsessed with shopping there! :) Hearts, Janna lynn

    1. I adore stocking things at Target. I feel like EVERYONE loves Target, so it's like I help everyone in the world find what they love!


  2. Oh my goodness- that is ridiculous! I thought I was the clumsiest person alive when it comes to boxes- but I might have some competition! I hope you heal up quickly!

    Ooooh- and I am the same with you about hometours... we just don't like our house but on Saturdays when I remember there is a blogger I follow who does "In my house" where you just highlight some pieces in your home. I am seriously trying to reserve my Saturdays for it!

  3. Looking forward to the little tour of your home! I agree, it is fascinating seeing how other people decorate their homes! Sorry to read about your foot, but as you say, at least no toes were broken!
    In regards to your recent comment on my blog; yes, it is the pirahna scarf ;) It keeps my neck nice and toasty! And I'm doing well, thank you for asking :)
    I hope your bruised foot isn't causing you too much pain lovely :(