Thursday, March 8, 2012

Being on Vacation Makes Me a Bad Blogger

I know it's been forever (okay, less than a week, but the past five days have felt like a life time, in a good way!) since I posted. The husband and I went to Minneapolis, loved every second of it, came home for a few hours and then my mom came to get me. Yesterday and today, I'm at my mama's, soaking up some family time.

Anyways, I'll be sure to post a bunch of pictures of (and words about) our trip (and possibly a little about staying at my mom's) tomorrow, as I'll finally be home, sitting on my own couch blogging from my own computer, and crocheting the day away.

I seriously cannot wait to get home, but I'm loving every second with my adorable nephew Gabriel, who is finally, FINALLY calling me "auntie essie" and interacting with me more than just when I give him cookies. Too cute!

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