Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 1 of Leslie & Alexa's Three Day Challenge

"What's your biggest dream?"

Mostly, my biggest dream requires that I'm a mother of four,
a shepard (yep, I love sheep, you caught me!)/ large animal veterinarian,
who also owns a little yarn/crochet shop downtown,
where I sell all sorts of yarny & crocheted things,
as well as custom poems, which I write for fun, rather than profit.
I don't know where that "downtown" would be,
since I don't know where I want to live exactly
when my husband & I "grow up", but it'll be
within a twenty minute drive from our enormous farmhouse.
Along with all this, I'll still have the time for writing novels and
playing with my beautiful children. Because they'll be my whole life.

To be honest, my future children are my biggest dream,
everything else is second in comparison.

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