Monday, May 2, 2011

hey may!

It's the second day of May
(so I'm a little late posting)
but I figured, better late than never,
and so here are my goals for May
(and their wildly extensive explanations)

1. Live a healthier life.
I'm trying to adapt my life quite a bit lately,
I want to try living as close to the Earth as I can,
I want to feel like I was raised in the forest,
and born to run rather than sit,
to drink water rather than soda,
and to eat fruits & vegetables, rather than expect a factory
to process all my food so I could "just add water."
I might start wearing clothes with fringe,
and feather headbands, but
I'm not trying to sound like a total hippie, here,
I just want to live a healthier life, in the simplest way possible.
(Okay, I wouldn't hate becoming a hippie. Whatever!)

2. Live a craftier life.
a. work on my brand a lot more,
b. think about what blogs to sponsor for June, and
c. fill my shop with pretty things!
Easy peasy, I hope!

3. Live a smarter life.
Ever since I dropped out of college, I've felt dumb,
like I wasn't smart enough to keep going, or to keep up,
but that isn't the case. I was bored with being an English major.
My heart wasn't set on becoming a teacher,
but that's all anyone ever expected.
I was sick of being pulled in three very different directions,
being pulled by three very different dreams:
a. becoming a large animal veterinarian,
and eventually raising my own sheep,
b. selling my crocheted goods,
and eventually opening my own little yarn/crochet shop
c. writing my little heart out every waking moment,
and eventually becoming a published author with
that pesky little memoir (I've got some crazy stories!)
I have so much I want to do and be,
and sitting around isn't getting me any closer to my dreams.
So I'm going to start schooling myself
in the ways of the veterinarian, business-owner, and author,
since I can't afford that crazy little thing called college.
Until then, I'll just read a textbook at a time.
Sounds fair, since I always thrived better in online classes anyways.

* * *

Well, now that I've set some pretty easy little goals
I'm going to make my husband some final exam day muffins.
He woke up a little late this morning,
and didn't have time to eat breakfast,
so I'm making him muffins,
to celebrate the completion of a class
(and to make sure he's fed before work!)

I feel like such a great wife when I bake.

ps; listen to Joy Williams if you get the chance.
lovely, lovely, so lovely, voice!

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  1. Those are awesome goals! I have a sometime meet you! :) Oh...and to see those future sheep up fun :) Hearts, Janna Lynn