Friday, March 25, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

I haven't done one of these in a while, but here goes nothing!

1. My most prized possession is: my little pencil case of crochet hooks. Without it, I wouldn't be able to crochet as much as I do, and I'd probably go insane. After that, probably this chair I found on the side of the road that has both mustard yellow and olive green in its design.

2. If I could be one age for the rest of my life, I would want to be: 21. I've only been 21 for about four months, but it's already been the best year of my life, what with getting married and soon moving into our second, better-than-the-first apartment.

3. The best way to spend a weekend is: home, alone, with my hubby, watching movies on Netflix and crocheting.

4. My outlook on life is: fairly negative sometimes, but I'm making a conscious effort to not let those negative bits in my life take over and make me forget how good I've got it.

5. If you want to annoy me, just: tell me you have big decisions to make, rather than just telling me you've made a big decision. Or tap your fingers on something. Tapping really irks me for some reason. Or, or, hover over me while I'm blogging.

6. I am completely defenseless when it comes to: my husband, my kitten, or chocolate.

7. When dressing for the day, one should: always be comfy, but presentable. I don't know how many times I've had a neighbor or the postman knock on the door, and I'll actually pretend I'm not home because I'm wearing raggedy shorts, a frumpy xxxxxxl t-shirt, and my hair looks like a plane crashed into my pillow while I was sleeping.

Heh. That last bit made me laugh a little too hard.

Which reminds me: I laugh a little too hard at some of my own jokes,
and at others' jokes as well!

But hey, laughter is like a nice jog for your soul,
so I'm good. I love it.


  1. oh my lord!hahaah, i laughed way way way too hard at the end. I know what you mean about bed head. I also pretend im not home if i look terrible. The fiance is so confused by it. he thinks im crazy, im sure.

  2. Hey there~ :) I am in Eaton Rapids..I work in Lansing. We are wicked nearby! Ha ha! :) Glad you found me and entered the giveaway. From the above post it sounds like we got a bit in common, I always crack myself up and adore chocolate! Very glad to meet you :) Hearts, Janna Lynn