Saturday, March 2, 2013

Today, Parenthood and Such

Tonight I am really appreciating movies/television series that weren't made by Disney or star Little Einsteins... Most days I want to watch Pineapple Express or Pitch Perfect or Twilight or Parks and Recreation without worrying about what my three-almost-four-year-old is going to pick up and repeat several times while standing in line at Target.

Lately he's been repeating "I choked! Hee-yuck!" from The Goofy Movie. And when he's saying it really fast at the checkout, it kind of sounds like he was choked... and then saying something weird that is really hard to understand if you don't know where he got it from... I don't know.

Maybe I'm focusing too much of my worrying-energy on this one little thing to try to push down other things that have been bothering me. I feel like since becoming a mama, some of my really good friends have ducked out of sight. I've noticed that seems to happen when I really need those people around for support because something big is happening in my life. However, I feel like them disappearing reveals who I should hold onto and who I should let go. Still, it's sad and bothersome and I wish people weren't like that. But they are sometimes.

I have other people though, who have been amazing. Who are trying to give me as much support as possible instead of just lecturing me about how to parent and telling me to take childhood development classes so I can "get" where my kid is coming from. Sheesh.

I don't know why my blog post is about all this. I didn't sign on here meaning to get super personal but I guess it's the best way to update anyone still reading.

To anyone still reading:
What's new?

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