Thursday, January 3, 2013


My wise, wise friend Amy told me that when things hurt, 
to sit in the hurt I've been feeling for awhile
and see where it comes from. 
She said it's okay to feel low 
but that I shouldn't be so hard and judgmental of myself. 
She said judgement keeps us from healing,
so I should take my time with things and be gentle with myself.

After a lot of seeking, I found my one little word for 2013:

I want this new year to be about being gentle with myself and my heart.
Too often I fall into the trap of thinking 
very negatively of myself and the way I look,
but I'm a brilliant and beautiful person,
and this year I want to see myself with softer eyes
and treat myself with greater love.

I also want to be gentle outside of myself.
I want to be gentler with the environment
by eating vegetarian and
walking, running, biking, and skating where I can,
instead of driving everywhere.
And I want to be gentle with others,
and show them love at every turn
by being a better friend, sister, daughter, wife, and person.

Of course, I have other resolutions,
like running more and saving more, but
being gentle is my top priority.

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  1. Hi Leslie!

    We were matched up for the #vdaymugswap and I just wanted to reach out to you! Shoot me an email at so we can chat a bit :) I"m looking forward to it!