Wednesday, December 26, 2012


This year, Christmas time has been a lot more merry and simple than years past. All of our parents were more understanding about our driving/time limitations which definitely lowered the amount of stress we feel around the holidays having three homes to visit - three separate Christmases to celebrate. It's actually one of my favorite things about Christmas - crazy portions of time spent with family.

Yesterday was a relaxing day (aside from two of Husband's siblings being grumpy & Grinch-y). And we got to see Les Miserables last night, something I was really looking forward to! It was extremely well-done, beautiful, and the singing was way more fantastic and real than I ever expected. So. Good.

I'm planning to take our tree down tomorrow, regardless of how amazing it makes our house smell. The twinkle-y lights will be taken out of the window and the remaining presents will be stacked in the closet and wait patiently for New Years Day (when we see the rest of our family).

Though we still have two Christmases left to celebrate, it's time to turn my attention to New Years resolutions and begin prepping for Spring Semester 2013. And maybe start thinking about where I want this blog to go next year.

Are you starting to get into "planning" mode for the new year? What does this mean for you specifically?

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