Friday, November 9, 2012


Yesterday, November 8th, was the 3 month anniversary 
of rescuing our pup Piper from the pound.

(She's really into sleeping with her nose jammed up against my leg)

This past summer my sister-in-law Emilee 
was spending time at the local animal shelter,
and met Piper one of the days she went
to play with the dogs & cats that were stuck there. 
While shopping a few days later,
Emilee started telling me about Piper,
a 7-year-old Bluetick Hound
that she wished she could bring home
(however, she lived with her mom at this point, 
and they already had three dogs)
so alas, Piper was still without a forever home.

For whatever reason, Emilee got on Facebook 
and showed me pictures of adorable Miss Piper,
we called Husband at work to ask if it was worth my time to go and see her
(he was the biggest obstacle when adopting Lily) 
and he said to go ask the shelter lots of questions about her,
set up a meeting to see if we liked her,
if Piper liked us,
and most importantly, if our pup Lily & Piper liked each other.

So I went to the shelter and asked questions,
we set up a meeting
and though Husband had doubts,
since Piper is a senior dog, and Lily is a year old 
and extremely active,
we brought Piper home on what he called a "trial" basis. 

Piper hasn't been a perfect fit.
Piper's been a trial more days than not,
and caused a lot of arguments between Husband and me
because he wanted Piper to be easy.
Instead, she's taken a long time to readjust,
she refused to eat for like, a month,
(rescue dogs are tough dogs to crack!)
she doesn't really play with Lily
(Husband's biggest reason for even considering a second dog)
and she is just now understanding where to potty.
But it feels like she's finally getting into a groove,
Husband and I are finding new reasons to love her every single day,
and I think she knows that after four months of being homeless,
she can relax because we love her to the moon and back
and she's home here with us.

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