Sunday, May 13, 2012

Because of my Mother

Until I was thirteen, I was a good kid who always listened to her mother, and respected her.
After I turned thirteen, I was a good teenager who always listened to her mother, but didn't respect her.

Now, I'm a pretty decent adult who sees my mother's strengths as well as her weaknesses, and not only listens to her (when I think it's best), and respects her (when I think she deserves it), but loves her (because she's kind of alright).

So for Mother's Day, instead of getting her a super sappy card about how much she means to me (and basically pretending like she was the perfect mother, thus LYING,) I wanted to thank my mother for her imperfections because if she had given me all the attention I asked for, I wouldn't be as independent as I am. If she had taught me everything I needed to know,  I wouldn't have become such a great self-learner/problem-solver. If she had married the right man, I wouldn't have known what to watch out for in the wrong man. If she had given me everything I wanted, I wouldn't have learned to work so hard, to play so hard, and to love so hard.

Basically, if my mother had been the perfect mother, I don't think I'd be so awesome.

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