Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A 100th Post & Upcoming Shop Excitement Giveaway

In anticipation of finally opening a shop again
and this being my 100th post here on the blog,
I decided to have a little giveaway!

So, for any of you readers out there,
who love crocheted hats,
or might want to buy an afghan 
I spent hours crocheting,
you can totally afford it! 

Because I'm giving away $20 shop credit!
(and of course your shipping will be free, silly!)

Just leave a comment below saying hi with your email.
Or you could ask me a question.
Or tell me a story.
Or even post about something really awesome 
that you discovered this week!

You can also get extra entries if you
1) follow this blog, or
2) post about this giveaway anywhere:
twitter, facebook, your own blog, 
wherever! And then put the link in the comment! 

I'll pick a winner this Sunday,
April 15th! So check back later!



  1. I'm excited for you! 100 posts is a big milestone. I made it there last week myself!!

  2. Congratulations on 100 posts and opening up shop!
    I love giveaways ;)
    I already follow your blog and I'm still loving your crochet skills ;)
    You can contact me via my contact form on my blog :)
    Good luck everyone!

  3. Amy (@i_am_adorkable) has shared a Tweet with you:

    "i_am_adorkable: Awesome giveaway over at leslieanne's blog!"

  4. CONGRATS!! im so excited you are opening a shop again!i have a cool little surprise for you on my blog today!

  5. also, i totally follow your blog,

  6. i just facebooked you!!

    and i tweeted you!!/alekshandmade/status/190486000139632640

  7. I LOVE YOU LESLIEEEE! (: I woulddd post my email, but for one, I'm pretty sure you already know it.. plus you could easily just text or fb me.. Hehe (:

  8. Oh and of course I follow you!

  9. Hurrah!!!!! Congrats on the new open shop! ;)