Thursday, September 8, 2011


The husband and I have been really missing
our tiny, itty-bitty one bedroom apartment,
with all its quiet and calm, so we're going
on a tiny vacation spanning from today to Sunday.
We're really hoping we're able to spend the next few days
relaxing with some good quiet conversation and calm,
as we've been living with my in-laws for three months,
and we just plain need a break from the raucous.

First, we're headed a couple hours north
to spend a couple days with my new grandparents
(both of whom I'm totally in love with)
and then we're heading to my mother's house
to celebrate my sister's 20th birthday (woah!)
and to visit the Armada flea market,
which I frequented as a child. Most Sunday mornings,
my grandparents would get into their crazy big van,
filled to the brim with grandchildren and boxes of Avon,
and trek to the flea market. We'd spend the whole day there,
8am to 5pm, selling Avon, eating hot dogs, and
running around aimlessly, searching for new toys and bobbles.
Every Sunday was like hillbilly Christmas,
and I can't wait to drag my husband around
asking to buy this, and that, and the other thing.

I'll be sure to show you all my swag.
(Yes, I just said that.)

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