Friday, September 16, 2011

on marriage

At 21, being married is hard,
like always in your face,
"you're not a child,
but you're certainly acting like one",
I love you, but I kind of dislike you right now,
arguing before the sun comes up,

And I'm not saying every day is hard,
or that it'll become easier as we get older,
because marriage as a whole? It's hard work,
even after you learn how to communicate with each other,
because one of you will see something differently,

but the best part is when you both take a second to be silent,
think about how to form your words a bit more carefully,
realize you're both adults, and realize
you can solve problems with a whisper,
you can find the patience to listen to the other person,
you can balance what you ask of each other
with what you ask of yourself,
and you can find the love behind every argument,
even when you can barely open your eyes wide enough
to see that the person is arguing because
they love you enough to fight with all their heart.

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