Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I surround myself with people who have hobbies.
There's something I find fascinating in the people who
fall in love with a trade or craft enough to work their whole life
at perfecting it, only to realize they can't.
Only to come across something they can't do,
learn how, perfect it,
and then come across something else they can't do.


My husband, for example, spends his free time gaming.
I'm referring to online roleplay games like
World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and most recently, Rift.
I'll give him the fact that you create neat characters,
explore the ever expanding world around you,
and dress yourself in pretty impressive gear,
but it's not my thing, so it's his hobby.

The oldest of my two sister-in-laws is a singer.
She sings every chance she gets, in the shower,
and hums while she waits for you to get ready.
Or if it's too quiet. Life is her song,
and she spends all her time singing along.
I wish I had a voice like hers, but I don't,
so it's her hobby.

The younger of my two sister-in-laws is all about animals.
She spends all her time reading books
and watching documentaries about mammals,
marine creatures, birds, insects, the planet Earth - anything.
She spends time on her friends' family farm,
or with her vegetarian pal who breeds bunnies.
She's all about it, and while I'm interested,
I'm not nearly as consumed with it as she is,
so it's her hobby.

My mother-in-law decorates cakes,
my stepfather-in-law woodworks,
my stepmother-in-law studies Wicca,
my mother gardens,
my stepfather games,
my brother sings in a band.

I love when you ask about a person's hobby,
and they light up, bursting with excitement
to tell you all about it, even if you can't understand
what they're trying to say. Even if you can't understand
why they chose that particular hobby,
but really, it doesn't matter.

My own hobbies fill a part of me that would otherwise be empty.
I can sit down with a stick and a skein of yarn
make something beautiful,
and feel my heart vibrate with pride,
and that's what matters - the shining happiness.

itty bitty note: everything in the shop is now
$3.50 after shipping for the next week.
I need to clear it out a bit more!

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