Sunday, May 8, 2011

a busy week: the numbers

Sometimes, when I try to decide whether I've been going, going, going too much, or whether I've been wasting too much time, I like to mathematically analyze my week/day. So, since a week is one hundred and sixty-eight hours, I'll start here:

I had one hundred and sixty-eight hours this week.

I spent forty-eight hours getting ready for work, driving to work, and working.
I spent about twenty-eight hours sleeping (average of seven a night).
I spent ten hours doing a crazy amount of laundry.
I spent nine hours eating.
I spent five hours volunteering (we built a community garden!)
I spent four hours on an Etsy order, which I haven't shipped yet. Lame!
I spent two hours running, and two hours walking.

After all that math, I realize I only spent sixty hours (36%) of the week doing things that I would consider relaxing, or generally "fun", which makes me scared for this summer. I keep trying to picture all the sun and fun, hoping for this:

but my brain just flips to the idea that I probably won't get to do a lot of things I want to in order to have fun, and will probably have more of my time consumed by things I really don't want to do, like:
 while it's sunny and beautiful outside!

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  1. oh gosh. .id hate to calculate my week, but i think i might. maybe tomorrow. sounds like you had a crazy busy week. on your next day off you should just rest, have a spa day, or idk, sleep. i like to sleep.