Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Things People Sometimes Wonder Wednesday

Sometimes, new friends and my new in-laws ask me questions.
Today, somebody asked me if I've ever been sent to detention.
While I didn't get any detentions in high school, or elementary school,
I was sent down to the principal regularly in middle school
based on the book reports we were always writing.
So, here's a little story for you:

Once upon a time,
there was a young girl named Leslie,
who found herself in trouble at school quite often.
She wasn't bullying, or stealing supplies,
or running in the hallways, screaming obscenities.
She was reading books far above her supposed reading level,
and not the sort of books 6th & 7th grade teachers prefer/suggest.
She was a purple girl, or, that is to say, she wore a lot of purple,
and her English teacher liked that she had a favorite color,
but Leslie wasn't much for having favorites
(and never failed to remind the teacher of said anti-favoritism)
She would rather enjoy a wide variety of things equally,
which meant she would rather read books her classmates weren't reading,
ya know, so none of the books felt unloved!

So, one day, maybe a Wednesday,
equipped with her purpleness
and her handwritten book report,
 walked up to the front of the class,
read her book report on Pet Semetary
out loud,

and landed herself a trip to the principal's office
and a detention for talking so openly
 about death, possession, and zombie cats.


  1. best. story. ever.
    i love how you wrote your experience.