Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring / New Job

This week is the second week of my new job and it's looking really promising for me.

Here are four things I already love about my new job:
1. I love the fact that I have what I call "promised" hours (6am-10am three days a week) as well as "other" hours where I'm scheduled  for things like cashiering and such.

2. I love that I work up a sweat using things like scanners, price guns, and box cutters because I have always wanted to work somewhere where I get to embrace technology and cut things open!

3. I love that my new boss gives me positive feedback, and helps me when I have a question. She's really easy to talk to, and not at all intimidating. Plus, she tells my husband how awesomly I'm doing once I leave work, which leads me to my last point:

4. I love working with my husband. Now when he talks about work, or I talk about work, we understand each other, even though we work in different areas of the store.

I'm happier than I've been in a long time, so I felt like doing some spring cleaning after work.
I already cleaned out the car and bought some new air fresheners (lilacs!).
Now I'm doing laundry in between rearranging furniture and putting yarn from previous crochet projects away.

 Once my husband gets off work, we'll be drinking some lemonade, and going for a walk  to celebrate Spring's "technical" arrival (even though it's a little drizzley outside).

I'm so excited to see what new things Spring will bring us this year!

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