Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Re-appearing Act

I feel a pull to write almost daily. I like to write in my journal. I like to write emails to professors, my lab manager, and sometimes friends. I write status updates for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever seems interesting at the moment. I write papers for class. I take notes and write questions in the margins. I mark up books that I have to read, and want to read, and I take notes upon notes about the things that interest me.

But I've always wondered how to funnel it all into one place. Or differentiate between what belongs where?

I just don't know. Maybe it all belongs here. And I'm still working that idea out in my head on top of those papers and updates and emails and my journal. There's just so much STUFF to write, and I want to write it all.

And I need to force myself to find the time for that writing that pulls at me. Here I come, planner. You're about to be filled with writing dates with my computer!

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