Sunday, April 1, 2012

Big News!

Since it's the first day of a new month,
I figured it was a great day for some news:

I'm opening an Etsy shop! 
In just two weeks!

I've been looking forward to this for a month! 
Crocheting is one of my biggest passions - 
I mean, I've been crocheting for nine years now,
ever since I was fourteen and my best friend's mom taught me.

So, since it means so much to me,
I decided to open my shop up with some of my favorite colors.
I'll keep adding more and more eventually,
because I love so many different colors,
but for now, here are some sneak peeks at the colors:

These were all sitting around waiting to be hats earlier today,
but I got around to sewing them up,
so I'm that much closer to opening!

I'm totally going to spend the next two weeks getting super psyched.
And I hope you are too!
Until then, I'll be working on some bows and a second blanket
(I finished one already!)

I'll keep the blog updated about the launch,
and I'll be posting a giveaway later this week,
so check back then!



  1. I'm so shopping there!! I'm fixing to restock my etsy soon too! :) By soon...probably a couple months from now. Congrats and amazing job, Sweetie!!! :) Hearts, Janna Lynn

    1. We should craft together for our shops, so we can get stuff done! Hah.

  2. excited for you!
    did you ladies finally pick a name?
    are you still opening with Alexa?
    still, super excited for you!
    ill promote on my blog when you get it open and have a utton and all that jazz!! congrats!!

    1. Alexa ended up dropping out because she got like, three jobs, within the span of a month of us deciding to open up shop together, so it's just me.

      But I just went with xo.leslieanne, like my blog!

      Annnnd thanks! I'm super excited too!