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Minneapolis - Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I  loved getting to share what we did on our trip with everyone a few days (see: a week) ago. The trip was so amazing so I apologize for taking so long to write my last post about it. Especially if all this talk of Minneapolis has bored you to tears. I still love you, though, even if you haven't loved reading about our trip.

Anyways, our last day in Minneapolis was probably the most eventful (but the least picture-ific) as we were running around a lot, and basically just thinking up random things to do.
I wore a pretty dress with a cardi and skinnies that day, and snapped a bunch of pictures, but after about twenty, I realized you couldn't really see how awesome my outfit was, so I snapped my WTF face and gave up.

We had breakfast at Panera's so we were sure not to miss the next thing on our itinerary,
It was basically the most amazing thing ever. We met up with our boss's pal who still works there and walked around one of the two towers that Target has offices in (Target also has the store one block down, bought two towers across the street and has a hand in all the sports stadiums/fields. Their logo is on EVERYTHING.)
During our tour, we happened to pass the Starbucks INSIDE of Target Corporate, like, past the security desk, and back past the Great Hall. It's just, snuggled in a corner of the second floor. It's ludicrious! Our tourguide Alison said that it was because so many people were going over the Target store for their Starbucks, and corporate figured it might be a good idea to get one for INSIDE Corporate so they didn't have to travel so far for their daily fix. Crazy, huh?
Here's the storefront for those who've never been to the downtown Minneapolis store.
Isn't it beautiful? I love it. Two stories + a cart escalator? Heck. Yes.

After our tour, we walked around downtown trying to find a few handmade boutiques that were recommended to me, but after a while of walking and not finding, we decided to check the map and sure enough, we had confused avenues and streets and directions and it was far, far away.
Along the way, we did happen to find this awesome building with pink squares that made a decent backdrop. Husband was kind enough to snap a picture.
So in spite of our failure to find the shops, we decided to get on the bus and head to Patesserie 46, an amazing bakery where I got a handful of macaroons. My favorite? The PB&J. So good!

After eating too many, we rode back to The Newsroom for lunch. It was nom! I got a California Panini and Husband got Meatloaf & Potatoes.

After stuffing ourselves silly, we jumped on the train again, and headed to a waterfall in Minnehaha Park that I had said I wanted to see. When we got there, I asked Josh if I could snap a picture of him.
And then since he told me he hated having his picture taken, I asked him to take mine in front of this little pavillion a little ways away from the waterfall. Instead, he took six. The first while I was posing, and the other five as I walked back to him. Silly Husband.

Then we went to the actual waterfall. It was huge, and gorgeous. I took a bunch of pictures, but here is just one. The waterfall was still half frozen. I loved it.

After walking around the park a bit, we got back on the train and went to the Mall of America for ice cream. Weird, right? A twenty minute train ride for Coldstone and Dairy Queen.

After ice cream, we went back to the hotel to just hang around until dinner time. We wanted to spend the last bit of our vacation lounging (see: our train to the airport departed the station at 4:07am and we wanted to at least relax if we couldn't get a full night's rest). After hours of television, we got Chipotle for dinner and then walked around downtown since it was so nice out.

More lounging, watching television, taking a bubble bath in the nicest tub I'll probably ever have the pleasure of occupying and a five hour "nap", we walked to the train super early in the morning and flew back to Michigan. Our trip to Minneapolis was over, but we still had four more days of vacation left. It was super relaxing and I got a mega headstart on crocheting for a new project.

I literally loved. that. week.
But thankfully, the last week, and the next few weeks are looking great.
More on that another time!

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