Friday, February 17, 2012

Love is Awkward

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As I was crocheting for the amazing opportunity to apply for consignment with the Honeybean, which would pretty much make my life at this point in time, I read this post about swag bags for an event for wives of the armed forces and my focus immediately shifted. It's a huge dream to work with Kaelah Bee, but if it didn't happen, I would live. I'd wait for another chance and hopefully get one. But if I missed out on the opportunity to support these amazing women, I wouldn't like myself much.

As most of you know, I'm not married to a man in the armed forces, but as most of you don't know, Ican't watch movies like The Patriot without weeping through the entire movie because I'm a total sap for the amount of courage and sacrifice and bravery it takes to fight for the freedoms we enjoy as a country. Honestly, I cried every day I was learning about the American Revolution in eleventh grade. And if standing up for our country takes all those things: courage, sacrifice, bravery, it takes even more to marry the man who represents this country with every ounce of his being. It takes all of those things to stay behind when he gets deployed. To live your life based on where he's sent.

So when I read that post, I emailed Elizabeth of The Young Retiree and asked if I could help, and when she said yes, I got crocheting and some how finished everything in a day, less than a day, because I just couldn't put it down. I couldn't let myself not finish in time. I need to contribute to these swag bags to show my love for these women and the men they love.

At first, I felt extremely awkward for loving these women who I've never met for what they go through every day. And then I realized it's okay to love a person or people who you've never met. It's awkward, but that's life. Life is awkward, and love? Even more so.

So readers, if you're there, what do you love awkwardly?


  1. Funny enough...bloggers! Bloggers are people freom all over...and I truly care about so many of these people but would never know their voices if I heard them...awkward, right! Hearts, Janna Lynn

    1. I feel the same way! So many of my closest friends are online, who I've never spoken to over the phone. That IS awkward.