Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Things About Me + Zooey Deschanel

10 Things You Didn't Know About Me:

10. Hidden Talent?
I'm a crochet wiz. Sure, you know I crochet, but you have no idea how fast. (It's fast, trust me!)

9. Favorite Food?
Probably anything mexican. And FiberOne bars. I could live off of them!

8. Least Favorite Food?
Meat. Just in general. It makes my insides hurt.

7. Biggest Fear?
Not being able to have my own biological children.
The husband not getting a good job
so I can stay home with our kids.

6. Hero Growing Up?
I didn't really have one.

5. Favorite Thing To Do For Fun?
Crochet! And waste time on Facebook chat.
Yep, I'm that person!

4. Favorite TV Show?
The New Girl, obvs. Glee's good.
Pretty Little Liars.
And then a bunch of older shows like
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel,
Arrested Development and Boy Meets World!

3. If I Wasn't A Target Employee, I'd Be:
a yarn shop owner, hopefully.

2. Place I'm Dying to Visit?
Ireland or Italy.

1. What One Thing Can I Not Live Without?


  1. shes my fave!
    and new girl is my new fave!
    and you are also my fave.
    and now i will be borrowing this.

  2. I love this show and I love that you love yarn I am a new follower! Cute blog

  3. hey Craft Swap Partner! I need to get your address so I can send your package off!!!

    you can email me at corsair4christ at yahoo dot com!

  4. i LOVE Zooey.
    and i can crochet pretty darn fast too! i don't even have to look at what i'm doing, although i'm supposed to, haha.

  5. What a great way to get to know you! Thanks for visiting my blog, and glad you liked the pattern. Adding you to my blog reader, so that we can keep in touch!