Monday, August 22, 2011


As most who read my blog know, 
I've been trying to clear my shop out.

I've sold a number of items 
by lowering what I was charging for them,
but there are still a few things left!

So I'm giving a few away!

1) Dusty Rose Twist Cowl

2. Leaf Headband

3. Delphinium Banner

4. Little Bits of Purple Banner

5. A custom hat,
designed particularly for you!
Some examples of hats I've made:

I can also make slouchy beanies & berets and so on!

There will be five winners,
so you have a greater chance of winning something!

Enter to win by:
1. Leaving a comment,
telling me your favorite fall accessory.
2. Leaving a comment,
letting me know you follow xo.leslieanne
3. Spreading the word about this giveaway
via blog/twitter/facebook
and leaving a link to your post in the comments!

The giveaway will end Sunday, August 28th.


  1. Ooooh i'd love the cowl! it's so pretty :)

  2. Oh and i follow you too!

  3. Favorite fall accessory: my wool princess pea coat :D It's SO cute and fits super well and yeah :D it's one of the only coats I'm taking with me when I move haha (:

  4. Oh and I DO NOT follow you..

    of course I follow you <3

  5. I fb posted about this! :D
    I tagged you in the post so you can see it,
    because I'm too lazy to copy and paste the link (;

  6. favorite fall accessory? prolly my boots. though i need to get new ones for this year.

  7. My favourite fall accessory is my brown check winter fur trapper hat!

  8. I love the leaf headband & I'm partial to a slouchy beanie too!

    I already follow you & I tweeted too :]

    xo Amy

    (PS. I sent you a sample pack as a thank you for my scarf!)