Thursday, June 23, 2011


I see a single firefly against the pitch black backyard
and I'm reminded of the world's beauty,
contained in the smallest little creatures.

Today I braided my hair into nine little braids,
so that tomorrow it'll be reallllllly wavy.
I miss when my mother would sit me down,
sing something country,
and french-braid my hair.
I can't french braid my own hair.
Summer goal #1!

Other goals:
2. Keep working on that ginormous family I dream about constantly
3. Run a 5K (probably August 13th!)
4. Make returning to school possible via turning in all paperwork / registering
5. Save one thousand dollars by September 1st
6. Read 10 books
7. Work on my brand
8. Successfully remain vegetarian through BBQ season
9. Exercise every day, in some way, shape, or form
10. Go three months without eating fast food (Subway doesn't count)

What goals do you have that you hope to complete by September
(ie. the end the of the summer)?

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