Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I don't wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy.
On my favorite days, I wake up with the sun peeking through the blinds,
the cat on my face, or back, or stomach,
and my whole body feels like toasty toast,
due to the husband being at the computer,
leaving me to bundle up with the comforter
in the middle of the bed, with all the pillows.

To be honest, I love feeling snuggled when I fall asleep,
but when you wake up in the middle of the night
with no sprawling room because you share your bed with your husband,
it can get a little uncomfortable.

So, on mornings when my husband has to be up earlier than me,
which are few & far between, I love my half an hour of being awake,
but pretending I'm not, so I can snuggle with my kitty and my comforter.

This morning, that is exactly how I woke up,
and spent the best half hour of my day -
with the bed and comforter to myself
(I like to burrito),
endless sprawling space
(for when I'm not burritoing!),
my kitty curled around my face on the hubby's flattened pillow
(he has a heavy head, and doesn't like fluffy pillows anyways),
and the sun sneaking into the room
to hang over me until I got up.

Yummy morning.
Hopefully the day stays yummy, too!

Do you wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy?
Or more like a normal person.. ?

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  1. No P.Diddy for me today...I called in sick because I awoke with the migraine from Hades. I slept till noon and feel a lot better now though. Just like I have an echo of a headache. Weird right. Hearts, Janna lynn