Sunday, April 10, 2011


Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it.
If the heat is the best thing in the world,
or if I'd prefer to trade in the sweat,
and humidity
for something cooler.
Definitely not as cold as it's been,
but somewhere inbetween.
But you never can be pleased enough, can you?
Or I suppose I should be asking, can I?

Can I ever be pleased enough?
Can I be proud enough?
Happy enough?

I'd like to hope I'm capable of such.
I'd like to hope that if I changed
my attitude,
I could be a much happier,
forever happier,
kind of person.

For now, though,
for now I'm content.
I'm in love with a few things at the moment:
1. this handsome 79*F weather here in Lansing, MI
2. the fact that I have tomorrow off work,
and will be spending it crocheting Spring things!
3. that my bestie Alexa will be reaching 1,000 posts on her blog,
and thus will be hosting a giveaway
for which I made the giveaway loot!
4. that I challenged myself to
run a 5K at the very end of July.
I have exactly 16 weeks to go from
little running ability,
to running 30 minutes straight!
5. that my sister-in-laws agreed to run with me,
so I stay motivated and accountable.

I hope you're all finding [little bits of] happiness on this beautiful day,
wherever you are!

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