Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter, e'erbody!

[my kind of Easter bunny <3]

You know,
one of the many reasons I like holidays
is now that I'm an adult,
I don't wake up to the
of a vacuum cleaner
on every Thanksgiving, Christmas & Easter.

However, I realize now that a huge part of this tradition wasn't to be rude,
(as I suspected all of my teenage years)
but because my mother was just really excited
to see our faces light up holiday mornings.

Fireworks of excitement could be heard from each room of the house.
Larry woke up to his blue basket, full of jelly beans (his favorite),
Lindsay woke up to her pink basket, full of every sort of chocolate,
and I woke up to my green or yellow basket
(it changed pretty much every year) 
not caring for the candy... I cared about the bunny.

Each year, my mother got us stuffed bunnies for our baskets.
The last one I recieved when I was sixteen.
He was all sorts of beautiful blues & greens & yellows,
and I named him T.D. for Tie Dye.

I absolutely loved that Easter bunny the most,
and I wanted to just take a second and thank my mother
(without her knowing)
for every Easter she woke us up with the vacuum,
so we didn't miss a second of that holiday-induced excitement.


  1. hey girl. im looking for your email address and it seems i dont have it, which is weird bc i have your mailing address. anyways. i wanted to chat about a giveaway. if your game email me alekshandmade(at)gmail(dot)com
    i never got bunnies every year, instead we would get candy and then a "special gift" i usually got art supplies my sister would get something for her dolls and my brother got hotwheels. one year my mom changed it up and we all got stuffed animals, i got a green bear that i named broccoli, original i know, i had that darn bear until i was almost 20. but finally its arms fell off and i had to throw it out.

  2. I am totally game. I'm emailing you now!

    Annnnd, that bear sounds adorable!
    My mom wasn't too huge on knowing us as "individuals", but more so as her three kids.. ya know? So there was little more personalization than "Larry is a boy, and Lindsay & Leslie are girls". Haha.