Monday, March 28, 2011


I know this little wordart picture has been
floating around a lot of other peoples' blogs,
but I wanted to contribute just because
I'm going to absolutely love today,
even though it's a Monday.
Mostly because I have the day off work.

So, I'll be spending my Monday doing six things:
1. whipping up two cute little pairs of drawstring pants for some babies,
2. working on a really pretty granny square blanket,
3. watching a large portion of my Netflix instant queue.
4. not wearing pants because I declare today a "No Pants Day!"
5. spending quality time snuggling my kitten, Amelie.
6. reading about 75-100 pages of Wolves of the Calla,
because I'm getting really into it.

Have a great Monday, darlings!

1 comment:

  1. i thought maybe i shouldnt post on the pay it forward twice, but here ya go.
    indeed you can have the last spot